Safety for All Residents

Posted on 10/24/2023

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Statement from Renton Mayor on Safety for All Residents

The physical, emotional, and psychological safety and well-being of all residents is our utmost priority here in Renton. We stand against any form of hate crime or bias-related incident and are committed to fostering a welcoming, safe, and inclusive environment for all residents as part of our city’s guiding principles. Our community thrives on our diversity, and we will do everything in our power to protect and support all members of our community.

I strongly encourage the reporting of any hate crimes or bias-related incidents to the Renton Police Department. By reporting these incidents, we empower law enforcement to take action and ensure justice is served. Your voice matters, and your safety is of the utmost importance.

In Renton, we have implemented safety emphasis programs, such as Safe Place, a community partnership that invites businesses and schools to identify properties as somewhere for people to seek safety and wait for investigators if they are targeted in a hate crime. We are constantly assessing and improving these measures to further enhance the safety and well-being of our residents.

To our LGBTQ+ residents, I want to reaffirm that you are valued, celebrated, and protected in our city. We work every day to foster a community built on respect and inclusivity, where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves.

Mayor Armondo Pavone

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