Public Wireless

The City of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network (CROWN-Guest) is a no-charge, unmanaged, unsecured, Wi-Fi Internet access service available to residents and visitors inside and near every city building, and around select parks, intersections, and reservoirs.

In June 2023. Information Technology Staff completed upgrades to the public wireless at six high-use facilities: Renton Community Center, Henry Moses Aquatic Center, Carco Theater, Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center, Highlands Neighborhood Center, and North Highlands Neighborhood Center.

Many city facilities offer rooms for event rental. All conference rooms, ballrooms, gymnasiums, and auditoriums have access to an accelerated CROWNeXp network providing up to 200 Mbps ISP service.


  • Renton City Hall
  • Renton Community Center and Cedar River Park
  • Highlands Neighborhood Center
  • North Highlands Neighborhood Center
  • Liberty Park Community Building and Liberty Park
  • Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center and adjacent parts of the Cedar River Trail
  • Maplewood Golf Course: pro shop, banquet rooms, driving range, parts of the course, and some adjacent parts of the Cedar River Trail
  • Renton Pavilion Events Center
  • Renton Transit Center
  • Piazza and Gateway parks (downtown)
  • Henry Moses Aquatic Center
  • Clayton Scott Field: tower, maintenance, and gates V2, V6, V8, V9 and V10
  • Renton History Museum
  • 200 Mill Ave building
  • City Center Parking garage
  • Fire Stations 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17
  • Maintenance buildings: Parks, Facilities, and Public Works
  • Gene Coulon Memorial Park: Pilot House, boat launch, bathhouse and maintenance building
  • Reservoirs: Rolling Hills, West Hill, and Highlands
  • Riverview Park and adjacent parts of the Cedar River Trail
  • Sunset Park
  • Cedar River Boat House and adjacent parts of the Cedar River Trail

Coverage will vary widely depending upon the user's location within the city, the type of mobile device used, weather, and season. The city offers  no guarantee of performance, reliability, availability, or continued operation. The system is available at no cost and with no support from city staff. 

How to connect

  • Users must be within range of CROWN-Guest

  • Follow Wi-Fi connection steps on the personal device

  • Find the CROWN-Guest SSID on list of available networks

  • Select CROWN-Guest (or CROWNeXp) Wi-Fi network

At present there is no splash page or agreement page presented to connected devices, but use of the network implies agreement to the city's Internet website policies.

The city hopes users enjoy the convenience of the CROWN-Guest Wi-Fi service, but please beware of the following limitations:

  • While the city does use some basic Internet security filtering, there is no filtering of objectionable content.

  • This is a free, open, wireless service, so there is no assurance of security or privacy.

  • There is no guarantee of performance or reliability of the service. It will vary based on demand

  • Due to past abuse some typical ISP services are blocked including e-mail SMTP (port 25), FTP, and ports used by most BitTorrent and other file sharing services. Unfortunately, this may prevent some VPN clients from connecting.

  • Inside city facilities, CROWNeXp provides a faster service with very few restrictions and in a more controlled environment, so performance and reliability is higher.

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