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Title X, Chapter 12, Section 26 of the City of Renton Municipal Code designates specific streets for truck routes through the City of Renton. This is represented on a truck route map.

Trucks over 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are restricted to operating over one of the following designated truck routes when traveling within the city:

  • Rainier Avenue N. and S
  • S. and S.W. Grady Way
  • Main Avenue S. between S. Grady Way and Bronson Way S.
  • Airport Way
  • N. 6th Street between Logan Avenue N. and Park Avenue N.
  • Park Avenue N. and N.E. Park Drive between Bronson Way N. and Sunset Boulevard. N.E.
  • N.E. Sunset Boulevard
  • Sunset Boulevard N.
  • Duvall Avenue N.E.
  • N.E. 3rd Street
  • N.E. 4th Street east of Jefferson Avenue N.E.
  • Maple Valley Highway; Benson Drive S.
  • S.W. Sunset Boulevard
  • Bronson Way N.
  • Houser Way S. between Main Avenue S. and Bronson Way N.
  • Logan Avenue N. between Airport Way and N. 6th Street
  • S. 2nd Street
  • S. 3rd Street

Trucks which need to make deliveries off the designated routes shall take the most direct arterial route to or from one of the designated truck routes when making their deliveries. When more than one delivery off the designated truck routes can be combined so as to limit multiple intrusions into residential neighborhoods, then there is an obligation to combine such trips.

This does not apply to buses operated by the Renton School District, other schools, or other public or charitable institutions on designated routes, public transit on designated routes, garbage trucks, city maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles.

The penalty for violation shall be a traffic infraction. (Ord. 4328, 10-21-91).

Designated truck routes

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Truck Route Map

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