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Any use of force by a member of this department shall be documented promptly, completely and accurately in an appropriate report, depending on the nature of the incident. The officer should articulate the factors perceived and why he/she believed the use of force was reasonable under the circumstances. To collect data for purposes of training, resource allocation, analysis and related purposes, the Department may require the completion of additional report forms, as specified in department policy, procedure or law.


Supervisory notification shall be made as soon as practicable following the application of force in any of the following circumstances:

(a) The application caused a visible injury.

(b) The application would lead a reasonable officer to conclude that the individual may have experienced more than momentary discomfort.

(c) The individual subjected to the force complained of injury or continuing pain.

(d) The individual indicates intent to pursue litigation.

(e) Any application of the Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) or control device.

(f) Any application of a restraint device other than handcuffs, shackles or belly chains.

(g) The individual subjected to the force was rendered unconscious.

(h) An individual was struck or kicked.

(i) An individual alleges any of the above has occurred.

Renton Police Department Comments

Once an officer completes an incident report in which force was used, it is reviewed by the officer’s chain-of-command, which typically consists of a sergeant, commander, deputy chief and the chief of police. Aside from reporting actual physical force, officers are required to fill out a report whenever they point a firearm at a subject. It’s relevant that we train our officers to not point their weapons at someone unless they have justification to use lethal force and intend to do so.

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